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CookLab provides monitors, exclusive information, unique custom tools, partnerships and so much more, ensuring members maximise their profits.

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Few of the reasons to join us

Lightning-Fast Monitors

We provide the fastest sneaker monitors in the game for 100+ sites including Shopify, Supreme, Off--white, Mesh, Foot sites, Solebox and many more, ensuring that members never miss a restock or a drop.

Early Links & Variants

With access to accurate early links, users can be assured they are able to checkout faster than many others attempting the same products. We gather and collect early links from reputable sources to ensure the highest chance of success.

Exclusive information

With access to numerous guides, our members are equipped and provided with the highest level of information providing them all the skills and tools they need to secure releases from Supreme, Shopify, Nike, Adidas, Shock Drops and many others.

Proxy Lab

Cooklab members get access to a state of the art proxy generator which has generated over 20,000 proxies to date. In addition, members will receive $300 credit to generate as many proxies as they desire. This will allow members to be satisfied for months without worry. These proxies can be generated in over 20+ regions and can achieve speeds of 30ms on a server.

Exclusive Partnerships

We are always looking for ways to ensure that CookLab members have the greatest chance of success, to achieve our goal we have established some incredible partnerships with well-known companies in the sneaker game. Our partners include FastForward, a browser manipulation tool to skip queues on sites like YeezySupply and Adidas. A lightning-fast autofill tool, SirrusProxies providing some of the fastest and the cheapest proxies on the market and Finally PolarCop an exclusive iOS bot, which members will have the opportunity to purchase through group buys every month.

1 on 1 Support

Each member is able to book a 1 on 1 support session with one of our expert staff members who have secured thousands of coveted items, where they can discuss how to improve profitability, therefore, making our members more experienced and better resellers.

Ticket resale

By joining CookLab you will have access to expert advice and guidance on ticket releases. Our current members have profited thousands from reselling tickets. Don’t miss out subscribe today!


We provide a wide range of Discord tools, such as a eBay watch & view bot, StockX bot, PayPal fees calculator and more.

And Much More...

Still Thinking?

Don’t hesitate in joining us, here is why:

We provide everything you could ever wish for during your resell journey. We make sure you are well equipped for every release. Our tools, partnerships, monitors, staff members, information etc. ensures that you have the highest chances of copping. This is the next generation of cook groups.

Member Testemonials

Stil not convinced? See what other users say

"For real though, CookLab is the sickest cook group out here, I copped so much stuff because of them, amazing monitors, amazing tools, friendly and helpful staff, everything is perfect!"


"Shoutout to CookLab! Legit the best cook group I have ever been in! So much help from the staff team, the early links and info are always on point, not to mention the small monthly fee - a STEAL if you ask me. Absolutely worth every penny!"


"From my experience with 8 other groups, the success and experience I have had in this group is amazing. Some groups call themselves a cook group and then some are cook groups. This is a cook group - a VERY good one!"


Frequently Asked Questions

Got any questions about us?

Do I need a bot or previous experience to join CookLab?

Absolutely not, no prior experience is needed nor is a bot. CookLab is perfect for people just starting out, experienced users, bot users and manual users! We provide resources for all cases.

What is the price for CookLab?

A CookLab membership is only €30 monthly. Once purchased, payment will auto-renew every 30 days. You can cancel your subscription anytime on the CookLab dashboard or message our staff team and we will take care of it for you!

How do i join?

You can purchase a membership on If it says “OOS” it means it is out of stock. We announce restocks on our Twitter.