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At CookLab we want to give our members the best chances at copping their favourite items for retail. And we're proud to say, we highly increase their chances.

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Subscriptions to CookLab are available on a first come first serve basis. We will announce our restocks via our Twitter. Purchasing a membership will grant you access for 1 month to CookLab. We currently only accept PayPal as a payment method, and upon purchasing a membership you will recieve your key & Discord invite instantly.


What we offer

Shopify Monitor

Our blazing fast Shopify monitors allows you to always be on top of each drop and catch restocks! We currently monitor 120+ Shopify sites.

Supreme Monitor

We monitor all Supreme sites allowing you to always be notified about a restock.

Bot Monitor

Be the first to be notified about bot restocks with our blazing fast monitors.

Funko Monitor

Be the first to be notified about any Funko drop, meanwhile our experienced Funko collecter will give exclusive guides, resell predictions etc. for every drop!

Twitter Monitor

With our Twitter monitor you will be notified the instant a Twitter profile tweets something.

Sitelists for every major release

We'll be providing detailed sitelists for every major release. All sites dropping will be organized in one place.

Resell Predictions

We'll be providing resell predictions for most drops, so you will know if you should cop or drop an item.

HQ Trivia Bots

We have a HQ Trivia answers and life bot. Our answers bot have a very high success rate, and our life bot is just the icing on the cake.

Free Slots

We will provide free slots for all members, every big release. We will also cover releases like Supreme Box Logo drops.

Discord Tools

With our Discord tools just a single click away, icluding ATC link generator, StockX bot, bot price checker, Funko resell bot, and much more!

Brickseek Monitor

Our Brickseek monitor will help you find the best deals at Brick and Mortar stores in United States.

Custom Scripts

We provide raffle scripts for our members, with our scripts you will be able to increase your chances of winning raffles.

Re-Ship Service

We provide a re-ship service which will give you the chance to cop all around the world. E.g you ship an item from Supreme EU to one of our EU Reship members. When he recieves the item, he will ship it to you.

Detailed- and in depth guides

We'll be providing all of our members with in depth guides for major drops, with our guides you will be knowing excatcly what to cop and how to do it. Guides for both manual and bot users.

Physical and Digital Marketplace

We have a marketplace in our Discord, where you can sell physical and digital items safely.

Legit-Check Channel

Worried if your new sneakers or box logo is legit? Don't hassle to ask our experienced collector for a legit check.

Early- and ATC Links

We provide early- and atc links for most releases, which will increase your chances of cooking.

Helpful Community

We have a very helpful community, everyone is willing to help each other.

Crypto Channel

We have a crypto channel where our experienced day trader provide crypto calls.

Nike Monitors

With our blazing fast Nike monitors you will always be notified about a restock or new items! We also provide a Nike Shock drop monitor.

eBay Views Bot

Our members gets access to use our eBay views bot, which will boost your listing

Member Testemonials

"S/o to CookLab! Legit the best cooking group I've ever been in! So Much help from the mod team and early links and so! Worth the Money!"


"For real though, CookLab is the sickest cookgroup out here, copped funkos from here, sick monitors, friendly and helpful staff, everything is perfect!"


"CookLab is a must if you're trying to make some money and make some like minded friends. Always willing to help!"